Sexy “Bulletproof” Coffee Recipe


Hey y’all! I’m excited. Like, really excited. Why, you ask? Because I just whipped up a random concoction this morning that is Sexy, Creamy, Delicious, and GOOD AS F*** FOR YOU! It has everything you need to start your day off with a bang (yes, pun intended 😜).

I call it my Sexy Bulletproof Coffee and I will forever claim that I am the genius that invented it 😂 BUT… 😑☝🏼… I couldn’t hoard all of this deliciousness to myself. So here is the recipe for this ballin’ shizzz:


8 oz. Coffee (preferably French press, organic, and made with love)

1 tbsp. Coconut oil

1 scoop Juice Plus Vanilla Complete

1 tsp. Coconut sugar (or sweetener of your choice, to taste)

6 oz. Almond Milk (or dairy-free milk of your choice)

1 packet of Moonjuice Sex Dust


Start with your hot cup of coffee ☕️ and add your coconut oil and sugar/sweetener. Pour into a blender.

Add Juice Plus Vanilla Complete, Moonjuice Sex Dust, and Almond Milk. 🥛

Blend on HIGH!

Empty into your favorite beverage container (see my New Orleans Jazz Fest pint glass👇🏼) and enjoy your sexy, creative, productive self!

Look at that froth on top 😍


Let’s dive deeper into the ingredients and WHY they’re sexy AND good for your sexy body…



Why add coconut oil to your coffee?

The short answer:

Coconut oil contains MCTs, or medium chain triclycerides, which are fats that don’t require bile to be broken down because they’re shorter than other fats. They are transported directly to the bloodstream through your portal vein, giving you quick energy and your body won’t add them to your love handles 😃

Coconut oil is also antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial, and wicked good for your immune system 👍🏼


7985547D-7767-4AC9-AB52-F5C9C2399C89F77F3682-3A6F-4520-99D8-DC4255D535E9I recently tried out Moonjuice’s “dusts” and have been loving the adaptogenic properties they provide and versatility in the kitchen— you can add them to smoothies, water, juices, or coffee! The Sex Dust, which the company dubs as their “edible attraction”, contains lusty superherbs and Shatavari that “help combat the effects of stress to ignite your creative energy, in and out of the bedroom.” Sounds amazing, right?!

More benefits include:

  • Supports the body during stress
  • Helps the body increase resistance to fatigue while providing energy, vitality, and well-being
  • Used since ancient times to support male reproductive health

JUICE PLUS + : A Superfood Meal Replacement: Juice Plus Complete


I LOVE starting my morning with this stuff! It sets me up for healthy choices for the rest of my day because it hits all the macros and it’s an ideal hormone-balancing breakfast, with its high fiber and protein content. Complete by Juice Plus+ Shake provide you with organic proteins derived from soya, rice, and chickpeas, essential fats and carbohydrates – all in perfect balance. 🌱

They are also vegan and free from gluten, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavoring. What’s more, they have a low glycemic index (GI), which is important for a balanced blood sugar level. The best news? It also comes in chocolate 🍫 🤤

Purchase Juice Plus + Complete, Supplements, Gummies, or Bars


Need some help finding the ingredients for this recipe? Click on the links below to purchase online:

Acadia Coffee Company (Organic, Fair Trade, Local 💕)

Juice Plus Vanilla Complete

Organic & Unrefined Coconut Oil

🌝 Moon Juice Sex Dust

Coconut Sugar

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